EYUNG Christina angel face realistic silicone female masquerade Halloween cosplay drag queen crossdresser Cover facial scars

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EYUNG Christina angel face realistic silicone female masquerade Halloween cosplay drag queen crossdresser Cover facial scars Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Brand Name EYUNG
Obscene Picture No
Item Type Breast Form
Size 1:1
Sexually Suggestive No
Quantity 200
Model Number D33
Material Food grade silicone
Weight 1500g
The picture is tight for reference, different body type, the effect will not be the same, if you receive the goods are not satisfied, please contact us, we can help you solve the problem!
Note:Our product does not contain eyelashes, does not have eyeballs (eyes are empty)
Our mask have 6 colors available,please check the color card before Order.
If you are Russian,please leave your full name. 
I suggest you choose UPS or DHL for shipping because Epacket is very slow.
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This procuct has high simulation appearance,UItra -high tensile,Abrasion resistance,

Toxic side effects.Totally real reverse mold,Edge design is slim,After use can

achieve the perfect realistic effect,Feel is comfortable soft,it’s like real skin.



Our company all merchandise is limited to personal favorites and preferences,

film props,after the customer behavior as well as the legal consequences

related to the purchase of this product shall be borne by the purchaser or user,

if you use this product to generate leads to delinquency,our company

will actively cooperate with national law enforcement investigation.hereby declare!



1,non -toxic,odorless,non -yellowing,food grade,toxic and tasteless,through FDA

quality certification.

2,soft,flexible,kink -resistant deformation.

3,not cracking,long service life,cold temperature,low shrinkage,shrinkage of

less than 0.1%.

4,it has high tear strength and superior electrical performance,placed

at room temperature the same yellow,not booming,do not spit white,

no oil,no scale long home water,no smell.







( CPS )

( A )

( kgf /cm )

( kgf /cm )

( % )







Skin color



1,avoid sharp objects damage the product,such as scissors,knives,

needles and other sharp objects.

2,unavailable corrosive detergent,part of the nipple colored avoid rub fade.

3,the product easy to store in humid,greasy,excessive heat,

do not put sun exposure.

4,try to buy good quality clothes that do not fade,so as not to affect the color of the product.

5,3 ways to wear:1.after applying talcum powder worn on the body.  

  1. first dressed primer coat,then dressed the product.  
  2. 3.wearing bathing this product.



1,if this product has serious quality problems,please contact the

seller to first provide the corresponding product quality problems

after photos and Sellers to communicate,


2,after teceiving the wrong size product discovery product,

please contact the seller to communicate within 24 hours,

after which the country of origin to returned product after

the replacement of new products,(note:if the product has

been used or buyers own cause damage to the product,

there are inner tailoring,grunge and so is not a replacement range ).


3,in the use of the product as buyers inadvertently cause product tear,

buyer and seller in a timely manner,in the case of products

can be repaired for free once,after a low -cost maintenance.

(round -trip shipping costs borne by the buyer )